Safety, Health And Environmental Policy

In maintaining our position as the leader in the drilling, blasting and grouting business, we realize the need to ensure the health and safety of our employees. They are critical in our operations. We extend the same concern to the environment within which we operate. We acknowledge this social responsibility and state the commitments that: 

  1. Our operations shall be carried out in consideration of likely risks to employees and impacts on the environment. Whilst our operations may have inevitable yet necessary impacts on the environment, every measure possible shall be taken to minimize these.
  2. We shall identify relevant legal requirements pertaining to employee health and safety and environmental aspects and impacts. Where requirements other than legislation exist, effort shall be made to comply with them. We further guarantee that we shall comply with client health, safety and environmental standards.
  3. We shall ensure that the public is protected from the risks likely to occur when we conduct our business.
  4. Our employees shall be trained in the
proper execution of their tasks as well as in the promotion of safety, health and environmental protection. We shall ensure that opportunity exists for training and that information is available to the end that we have competent employees.
  5. Continual improvement in health, safety and environmental protection is important to our business. It shall be based on objectively collected statistics.
  6. There shall be documented guidelines for aspects of health, safety and the environment. These will be available to employees and our clients. 


HIV / AIDS Policy

We realize that our employees are at risk of contracting HIV. We are committed to providing information and means of HIV prevention within our capability. We are convinced that by doing this, we are contributing towards the global fight against the AIDS epidemic and helping increase our employees’ responsibility towards themselves and others. 

In line with these convictions, we are committed to:

  1. Giving our employees access to HIV/AIDS information
  2. Ensuring that employees infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are not discriminated against in any sector of our operations.
  3. Ensuring that employees infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are accorded their full social and legal rights, and
  4. Maintaining a professional and confidential HIV/AIDS programme, with the relevant components, including antiretroviral and other relevant medication are accessible to affected employees. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

KW Blasting operates according Zimbabwean environmental laws and takes heed of local cultural and safety concerns.

We participate is some community programmes in the Greater Harare area. These include the rehabilitation of sports and vocational education facilities. We endeavour to use labour from local communities where we operate. In certain cases, facilities we install for use by our personnel is inherited by the community after we have completed works.

Our operations are always aligned with the environmental impact mitigation plans proposed by our clients.